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Art Attack is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization.  Our mission is to shine a spotlight on rare, underrepresented, and impactful art forms and artists from around the world.  Art is an incredibly powerful weapon of change and often gives a voice to those with much to say, and little to work with.

Through a high octane adrenaline filled television program, we reach the eyes and ears of millions of people.  In educating the masses on art forms that are culturally significant, ground breaking, or down right jaw dropping to see unfold, we look to inspire people of all ages to get their hands dirty and express themselves through art.

Our television program is a vehicle to not only entertain audiences, but to embolden the artist in all of us.  When our cameras are not rolling, we act as a conduit that connects amazing artists and communities for various non-profit initiatives and events.  We also pair each episode of our exciting series with a different non-profit arts related organization, and donate a portion of the proceeds generated to them.

In supporting our cause and initiative, you help us support a diverse range of charities and causes that are all connected through a love and passion for the arts.  

Robb Ortel Art Attack On Set

Robb Ortel Art Attack On Set

filming Art Attack episode 2 in Philadelphia, PA

Robb Ortel Art Attack

Robb Ortel Art Attack

Robb Ortel Art Attack Paint Brush


Art Attack is an action packed travelogue television

series that features some of the most shocking, awe-inspiring,

and physically demanding art forms in the world.  


Each episode, our host Robb Ortel (Formally of Discovery Channel's American Chopper) travels to two destinations to apprentice under two extraordinary artists. 

But hold your horses if you're already writing us off because you think art is "boring..."  cause we don't  paint happy little trees within the safe confines of a studio around here.  This is an ass-kicking, adrenaline filled adventure that reminds us that art can exist in the most unexpected places, influence the masses, and in some cases -- even get you killed.


From skydiving photographers to circus strongmen, fire breathing belly dancers and masters of scarification, art is our invitation into unexplored worlds, territories, and characters with big personalities, amazing stories, and incredible talent. 


Join Robb as he risks life and limb to uncover the most

provocative art forms the world has to offer.  


Who is

Robb Ortel?

Robb Ortel is an American artist and television personality.  He is best known for his work on the popular Discovery Channel reality series American Chopper, as the in-house air brush artist. 

Born in New York City to artist and retired FDNY firefighter Peter Ortel and artist Madelyn Ortel, Robb started drawing as soon as he was able to pick up a pencil.  He attended a Votech school where he majored in advertising and design and soon learned to airbrush.  At just the age of 16, Ortel started his first business- custom painting denim and leather jackets.

He then went on to study art at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  After school, he spent the first 15 years of his professional career working alongside his father who had built a reputation as one of the finest gold leaf artists in North America.

Robb quickly expanded his work to motorcycles, cars and trucks; which earned him numerous national awards and started to attract celebrity clientele from all over the country.  Today, he searches the world for the most unusual, unique, and physically demanding art forms in an attempt to master them all.


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Are you an incredible artist working in a medium that Robb should feature on his TV Show?  We want to hear from you!  We also encourage brands, sponsors, fans, art lovers, donors and investors to connect with us.



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